Frater Jonathan Dimitriou wins TKE National Scholarship

Congratulations to undergraduate Frater Jonathan Dimitriou on being awarded the William Wilson Memorial Scholarship from the TKE Educational Foundation!
The William Wilson Mejdmorial Scholarship, named after one of TKE’s national founders and the former Grand Prytanis, recognizes Teke Nation’s most outstanding chapter Histor.  According to the TKE Educational Foundation, to be eligible for this award, a Frater must achieve a GPA of at least a 3.0, be a junior or senior, and must demonstrate an understanding of the importance of good alumni-chapter relations through the development, promotion, and execution of effective programs which have increased alumni contact, awareness, and participation.  Among his many accomplishments, Frater Dimitriou is responsible for revitalizing the Epsilon Chimes newsletter.
Frater Dimitriou has served Epsilon in numerous leadership roles and is currently chapter Prytanis.  Please feel free to send your congratulations to Frater Dimitriou at 

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